A place where EVERYBODY benefits from learning the sport of boxing.
The Workout

FitBOX workouts are designed for everyone to learn and get the best sweat out of the sport of boxing. All professional and amateur boxers go through intense training before stepping into the ring. It is imperative to be in top shape mentally and physically. To win requires mastering the intricacies of offensive and defensive boxing skills, as well as developing muscular strength and cardiovascular stamina. FitBOX is bringing this intense training levels to help all men/women and children of all ages to set goals, get in shape, develop their skills, build endurance and prepare for every day’s life challenges. Our training sessions typically include:

  • Building a Strong Boxing Foundation. Hands position, chin down, balance and foot movement.
  • Form and Technique. All punches, offense, defense, counter punching and head movement
  • Rope Jumping. A tried and true drill, rope jumping develops your footwork, improves your ability to move and boosts your endurance. Boxers often use rope jumping to warm up before training and to cool down afterwards.
  • Speed Bag and Heavy Bag Drills. Body positioning, punching accuracy, quickness, timing and rhythm are core competencies that every boxer should master before stepping into the ring. Power punches are not thrown using only your shoulders and fists. Instead, power punches start in your legs and move up through your torso and into your shoulders and arms.
  • Strength Training. FitBOX designs a custom old-school boxing workout drills that augments and complements your boxing regimen. By tailoring drills to your goals, FitBOX helps you develop a powerful punch without building needless muscle mass.

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