A place where EVERYBODY benefits from learning the sport of boxing.
One on One Personal and Semi-Private Boxing Training

One-on-One Private Boxing Training

FitBOX offers one of the best One-on-one private boxing training you can find. FitBOX teaches the old-school techniques of the “sweet science” of boxing the same way Tommy McInerney learned. Men, women and children of all ages will learn boxing’s valuable skills while benefiting from a full-body workout.

FitBOX is the place for men/women of all ages that always wanted to try boxing to change up there everyday workout. The boxing sessions build physical stamina while improving hand-eye coordination, balance, footwork, reaction time, breathing and mental toughness. The drills work smaller muscle groups that are often overlooked or underused during the typical gym routine.

One-on-one personalized instruction is key to FitBOX successful approach. FitBOX gives you that old school boxing Trainer/Fighter relationship that most gyms lack. Trainer Tommy McInerney is very hands-on and coaches you through training drills and pushes you in your boxing sessions, calling and catching your punches while providing feedback. Being coached in the moment not only helps you sharpen and hone your skills quickly, but also provides an intense workout. In addition the Tommy schedules sessions at your convenience and tailors them to your comfort level.

Semi-Private Boxing Training

FitBOX offers small group private boxing training for groups of 2 – 4 people max. These group training sessions are designed to teach you everything to know about the “Sweet Science” and get a great workout while you’re doing it with your friends, family, or co-workers.

*** Please contact us to schedule a Free 1-on-1 Boxing Session or Group Session.

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